Friday, March 8, 2013

#slice2013 8 of 31

The other day we had a "dance bonding party." We have one once a month, and basically it's just a good time to hang out with my dance friends and eat a lot of good food. Good dancers are good cooks.

Anyways, last bonding party we decided to all write down our most embarrassing story and fold it up and then read them aloud and guess whose belonged to who. I put in three because I was having a really difficult time deciding, but that's not what my story today is about. My story today is the embarrassing moment of one of my good friends.

I repeat. It was not my story. NOT my story. Also the names are changed, per usual.

"One, two, three!" Holding hands, Meg and I sprint towards the ocean. I have never been able to go into the ocean slowly. Plunging all at once has always been my way to go. I hold my breath as my toes hit the water, and then my knees, and all of a sudden Meg squeezes my hand tighter and we both duck into a wave, submerging ourselves completely. I'm surprised at how warm it is and stay under a couple extra seconds, then we both come up, giggling and preparing for the next wave.

"Em," Meg squeezes my arm, "Did you see the lifeguard? I'm pretty sure he's watching us but I don't want to look again." I don't get the chance to turn around before another wave comes, sending me and Meg under once again.

We emerge, sputtering and giggling and I slyly turn around to sneak a peek. He is gorgeous. Even from where I'm standing in the water, I can see his perfect bone structure. And sure enough, he's staring straight at us and grins and waves when he sees me looking. I wave back and smile in an attempt to be flirtatious. He laughs and points at something behind me. I assume he's talking about Meg and quickly turn around to see if she had seen our little miming conversation. Before I can completely turn myself around, the wave is on top of me. I feel my forehead hit the rough sandy bottom which had felt so soft on the shore. I open my eyes for a second, a huge mistake, and feel the sting of the salty water and grains of sand. I can't tell which way is up and which way is down and reach out my hands in an attempt to feel something solid. I manage to grasp a handful of sand and regain my bearings enough to push off the ocean's bottom.

My lungs finally find the air and I cough gratefully, rubbing my eyes. Shoot. The lifeguard. He had definitely seen the entire thing. I quickly glance behind me to make sure another unexpected wave wasn't approaching, then look up to his chair and waved my arms.

"I'm okay!" I call, smiling. Meg comes over and gives me a hug, then quickly pulls back with an expression of horror.

"Em." She says.


"Your bathing suit."

I look down in horror to see that my the triangles that are supposed to cover your boobs had completely shifted and I was currently flashing the entire beach. Including the hot lifeguard. I quickly turn around so my back is facing his chair.

"Meg." I say under my breath as I duck my shoulders under the water and work to fix my bikini. She raises her eyebrows. "Just tell me if the lifeguard is still looking."

I watch as she quickly looks back to shore. "We just made some awkward eye contact and he is looking way too happy after having just sat in that chair for two hours straight," She reports.

I groan and we both duck our heads as another wave goes crashing past. Two things are for certain. The first is that I am never wearing this bathing suit again. The second is that this was definitely the most embarrassing moment of my seventeen years thus far.

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  1. Even telling someone else's story in first person you are able to place the reader right there with you. Your setting details helps to build the story. Another fine piece of writing.