Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#slice2013 26 of 31

I had a slight writers block trying to think of what to write for this post, so I decided to make a list of important life/educational lessons I have learned over the years from teachers. This helped me remember lots of little stories that went along with these lessons I learned. I'll only share one today, but possibly expect one tomorrow [foreshadowing].

In fourth grade, a couple of my good friends and I decided to form a little club with the oh-so-original title the "I Hate Math Club." It was just me, Hannah and Abbie because we were the three musketettes who did everything together. Hannah hated math, so Abbie and I therefore did as well. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Bren, was not too amused with our little club, as you might imagine. Usually she let our little antics pass on by, but she was under the firm opinion that this "I Hate Math Club" needed to come to an end. The lesson Mrs. Bren taught us that I will forever keep with me is that "Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not important. You may dislike math, but try to choose to respect it instead of choosing to hate it."

Of course, Hannah, Abbie and I paid her absolutely no mind and continued with our "I Hate Math" chants until we eventually got sick of it. It wasn't until a couple years later that I realized how valuable Mrs. Bren's lesson really was.


  1. How did she teach you this? Was it a conversation? I'm curious...

    1. Mrs. Bren may have taught fourth grade but she did not treat us like fourth graders. To her, we were much more mature than the average fourth graders and deserved to be treated as such. She would sit us down and talk to us with such intensity that we couldn't not listen to her. As a fourth grader, it felt pretty nice to be treated super-importantly. She never yelled, but instead talked extremely sternly.

  2. I wondered what the lesson was, too...and how she got her message across to you...because you have remembered it, righ?!