Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#slice2013 12 of 31

Sunday night we had a family over for pizza and while we were all sitting at the dinner table, my mom decides to ask her question of the night: "What is more important, imagination or knowledge?" Somehow one conversation led to the next and we got to the topic of embarrassing throwing up stories.

So this is about little third grade me and my embarrassing throw up story.

We had just gotten back from lunch and Mrs. Peterson was talking about the volcano of Pompei when my stomach started to moan. Alana looked over at me and it moaned again. She laughed. I laughed too but usually when my stomach moans it feels better than this.

Mrs. Peterson had moved on to how the ashes of Pompei covered the entire village when I really began to regret my turkey sandwich with pieces of lettuce that I had just eaten for lunch. I looked at Alana. She looked back at me. "My tummy doesn't feel too good."

She raised her eyebrows. "Raise your hand and ask to go to the nurse!"

I grinned and nodded. I loved the nurse. She was super nice and gave me bandaids whenever I skinned my knee at recess. My mom told me multiple times that I spent too much time in the nurses office, but every time I'd gone it'd been for a serious reason.

I raised my hand. Mrs. Peterson called on Bobby Branson. I raised my hand a little bit higher and began to wave it back and forth. Mrs. Peterson called on Ally Thomas. That's when I knew it was coming. I raised my hand even higher and began to hop up and down in my seat.

"Yes, Larkin?" Mrs. Peterson finally asked but it was too late. I gagged and my stomach upturned itself all over the floor next to my desk. "Larkin! Go to the nurse! You don't have to raise your hand. If you're sick, you go!"

I raced out of the classroom on a beeline for the nurses office or a bathroom, whichever came first. Thanks to Mrs. Peterson I learned the valuable lesson that if you had an emergency, you had better go take care of it.


  1. I'm a third grade teacher, and just had a student in that situation.

  2. I bet Mrs. Peterson wished she'd called on you earlier. Yuk!

  3. You taught that Mrs.. Peterson a lesson she'll never forget, Larkin!