Saturday, March 30, 2013

#slice2013 30 of 31

I never realized until today that everyone's last slice was going to be on the day of Easter. Just thought that was kind of funny.

I just got home from a weekend in New York City with my family and my host family who I stayed with during my first semester this year when I went to Spain. It was soo much fun. We walked a lot and ate a lot and had a really good time. Tonight is my time to do my homework and write and do some more homework and then maybe hang out with friends.

Anyways, now I'll talk about my actual slice for today. I'm going to apply for my high school's National Honors Society and the essay I have to write is why I want to be in the NHS. I thought this would be an extremely easy essay to write, but then I realized that I didn't even know what NHS did once you got in it. Once I researched it, however, I discovered that it is basically a group of nerds that gather about once a month and talk about contests to enter, and fun community service opportunities, and how the teaching at our school is beneficial to our learning, and how we can make things better. Basically, it's my idea of a pretty good time.

Now that I know what NHS is and what it's about, it's going to be pretty easy to write this essay because I genuinely want to be part of it. What I didn't realize is that NHS is not only about what you do to get into it, but also about what you choose to do when you're accepted and that's the real reason I want to join.


  1. There you go, Larkin...that last sentence is the seed for your NJHS essay thesis. I am the advisor for the Junior NJS (middle school) and I pretty much tell my students exactly that....our chapter will be ,memorable and worthwhile based on what my kiddos are willing to put into the year - it is a product of their imagination and dedication to do good things in the world...because the world can certainly use good deeds.

  2. Your last sentence really caught my attention too. You are a gifted writer, I know you will write an amazing essay.