Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#slice2013 20 of 31

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm extremely tired and extremely frustrated/stressed about my teachers/school at the moment, so my blog post today will be slightly shorter than my average.

The reason for my frustration: My biology teacher.

The reason why this particular teacher is frustrating me: There are too many reasons to count but I'll list off a couple.

Our latest big assessment was a partner project where one of my friends and I had to create a powerpoint for down syndrome that would be educational and beneficial to the rest of the class. I did 99% of the work (there were supposed to be 20 slides and I did 21 and my partner did 2), which is frustrating in itself. However, it gets worst. This teacher, who shall remain nameless, told me that my partner and I were going to lose a large chunk of points because we did not have 15-second intervals in between slides, but instead we manually clicked the arrow to get from one slide to another. Let me just point out that this (meaning this type of powerpoint presentation) was something everyone else in the class but me had done before. I hadn't due to the fact that I had been in Spain for four months. I described this problem to him in a beautifully crafted email to which he did not respond and then when I asked him about it to his face, he told me he "did not care."

We have a large test on Friday and today was our day of review. He told us yesterday to come to class prepared with questions, so I read the entire chapter in my textbook and took careful notes on topics that confused me that I could ask him about. Of course, no one else in my class came prepared and I was the only student with my hand up when he asked if there were any questions. He reluctantly called on me again and again and then told me after class that I needed to give some of the other students a chance to talk. Hate to break it to you, buddy, but I just saved most of my fellow students' behinds for Friday's test.

His breath smells like unbrushed teeth and coffee which I can tell you quite confidently due to his desire to be face-to-face with you while he's talking.

Thanks for listening to my rant!


  1. Sometimes a rant can clear your mind and then you just get on with the task.
    Hope you do well on your test. :-)

  2. Grrr - Biology is my daughter's least favorite class right now. She's overwhelmed and doesn't connect with her teacher. Good luck on your test on Friday!

  3. Let's talk about number one. That's an awful situation. First, the disproportionate amount of work you did. Second, the response your teacher gave you.

    On the bright side, you'll have a different science teacher next year, right?