Sunday, March 24, 2013

#slice2013 24 of 31

This morning in my mad rush to get to my dance competition, I spilled some yogurt. Well, I wouldn't say that I just spilled the yogurt. A more accurate description is that I dropped the full container of yogurt and watched in horror as it splattered all over the kitchen table, then rolled off the table and hit the floor. Well, not just the floor. It landed on the kitchen carpet which is nearly impossible to clean.

Just as I was running over to grab a towel while desperately trying to keep my dogs away from the spillage, a car honked in my driveway. My ride was here.

"Cecily!" I screamed, "Please come down here I really need some help!"

"Larkin are you joking me!" She yelled back, "I'm naked!"

"It's an emergency my yogurt exploded and my ride is here!"

So this is a public thank you to my 10 year old sister, Cecily, who came downstairs to the kitchen completely naked other than a sports bra to clean up my mess for me. Cecily, I owe you one.


  1. Yes, you do owe her a big one. Splattered yogurt it such a mess! Hope you did well in the competition with that kind of a jump start to your day.

  2. Well, dear Cecily certainly had an exciting start to the day...she'll be collecting on the favor, if I know anything about watching siblings operate in my own household. I find it's best to just let my Sophie clean up the messes when things like this does her doggie heart good to feel useful from time to time. Hope the competition went well, Larkin!

  3. Your story cracked me up! Not because I was laughing at your expense. Quite the contrary. I've dropped a 32 oz. tub of yogurt at least three times in the past two years. It's been a heck of a mess to clean up. How wonderful that you had help doing it. (I only had a baby who was crying because she wasn't getting the food she wanted when she wanted it.) Yea for Cecily saving the day!