Monday, March 18, 2013

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Happy (late) Saint Patrick's Day!

Everyone assumes that I'm super Irish due to my red hair, but I'm really only about 8%. However, I can still say I'm Irish!

I have a blog post that I came up with with my mom that I'm excited to write, but due to the fact that there's not much time left in the day today and there is the possibility of a snow day tomorrow, I will save my exciting blog for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I'm not too upset about a snow day tomorrow. Sure, I am beyond sick of this nasty 30 ° weather and am all too ready for spring, but I love stress-free days when I get to catch up on social and educational work without any extreme pressure.

I have decided to write a spur-of-the-moment poem.

Every once in a while I wish I could change my face.
To be honest it gets pretty boring
When I wake up to the same thing every morning.
The same forehead,
The same small chin,
The same blue eyes,
The same pale skin with
The same brown freckles.

Sometimes I get pretty fed up with my hair.
What if I woke up and it just wasn't there?
What if I dyed it blonde or brown or gray,
What would I look like, what would people say?

Sometimes I just want a small-ish change,
Something not too big, something not too strange,
But something that's different, that I hadn't seen before,
So that looking in the mirror wouldn't be such the bore.

I guess that's the reason for people's dramatic new looks.
It's sort of like how every time my mom cooks
She changes the recipe just slightly each night
So we are always surprised with every first bite.

I wrote this in 10 minutes and will probably go back and revise it more later, but I'M NOT SURE HOW TO END!!

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  1. I love the honesty in your posts... especially this one! I like the part about wanting a small-ish change. That would be neat! Keep writing!