Sunday, March 17, 2013

#slice2013 16 of 31

I've been having all sorts of prom drama today so I've decided to do a completely unrelated post and talk about all the things the past few days that have made me happy/improved my self confidence.

I'll make a list.

My sister Julia's birthday is on Tuesday and a lot of the things that she asked for we had to order online. One of the main things that she asked for but she was positive she wouldn't get were L.L.Bean boots. My mom had made plenty of comments along the lines of "those things are ugly" and "when would you ever use those". The other night the UPS man dropped of a box in the middle of our family dinner. My dad got up and went to go see what it was. He picked it up, brought it inside and announced, "Melanie, (my mom) it looks like you have a package from L.L.Bean but it's addressed to Julia." Julia's faced lit up and my dad realized a few seconds too late what he had just done.
My mom just shook her head while everyone else had themselves a good laugh.

I was complaining the other day to my sister how everyone thought I was the ugly sister. I was not having a terrific day and was having a bit of a pity party for myself. However, her answer was completely unexpected. She started yelling at me that no one had ever said that and then told me that a couple of her friends picked out who they thought the top five prettiest people in my grade were and I was on that list. I know this is a bit materialistic, but it really helped me see myself in a different light. I have never thought of myself as a very pretty person, let alone one of the prettiest in my grade.

This one's going to be short and sweet. I do a program called Looking In. Looking In is a program where high school kids create short scenes about modern day life and perform them for other high schoolers. I had a performance the other day and it went really well. So that was my third good thing.


  1. Glad you decided to focus on some positives. I especially love the LL Bean story! Laughter really is good for the soul. Did you give your sister an early birthday present?

  2. Dads can be so dense when it comes to packages. That was pretty funny. As for your item 2, no one ever really thinks they are pretty, but it is so nice to hear that from somebody. I never thought I was pretty, but one year a parent came in during open house and told me that her daughter thought I was so pretty. I have to admit, it lifted my spirits that day. So do you want to be an actress?

  3. I love my bean boots, have had them for 30 some years, and so I am with your sister of the necessity of these in one's life. Glad to hear she got her wish...even if dad rather ruined the surprise. Looking In sounds like a cool program, Larkin, and I wish you'd post about for prom drama, my youngest is a senior this year and we've been living with lots of this. It will pass. You will have a great time. And you will have stories to tell for years to come.