Sunday, March 17, 2013

#slice2013 17 of 31

Every other year my chorus and all the other chorus' in my town's district have a districtwide music festival. A lot of people come and it's a pretty big deal, and this year my music teacher asked me to design the front cover of the program.

It was another feel-good moment.

This is what I came up with. She told me it had to do with spring, because the concert is in the middle of April when everyone has one thing in mind: spring. I came up with a chart of all the things that remind me of spring and my favorite idea was the butterfly. Of course, my grandmother pointed out ever so bluntly after I had finished the painting that Monarch butterflies come in the fall. Thanks, LC. I appreciate you telling me that after I finish.


  1. This is beautiful. Is it watercolor? The monarch is vibrant.

  2. You are a writer, a singer, and an artist. What a talented person you are! Do you play an instrument too?
    It was a surprise to see LC (even though I knew it wasn't me you were addressing) in your writing, those are my initials (hence my writing name, elsie). I thought Monarchs left for Mexico in the fall. You should check out the picture book A Butterfly is Patient, beautiful pictures.