Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools!

Alright, not going to lie. Tuesday came pretty quickly. I thought that I would have tons of stories to share in a whole entire week of going without blogging, but it's been a day. And I am stuck here without much to write.

Actually, just kidding. I do have something.

Yesterday was April fools day! You have to understand that April fools day at my house is honestly better than Easter. Well, that is, only when you're playing pranks on someone else. Unfortunately, I was the main victim this year.

Cecily, my youngest sister, duct taped all of my clothes together and then duct taped all of my hangers to the rack that they hang on and THEN duct taped all of my little drawers full of socks etc. completely shut so it took a good 10 minutes to get everything off. Trust me, it was a lot of duct tape when everything was said and done.

Then, as soon as I got home from school Cecily ran up to me at the door grinning like a madman and offered me a caramel apple. At first I was like, "Score I get a caramel apple." But then, after a closer look at these caramel "apples" I realized that they were not apples, but instead onions. Nice try Cecily.

The last prank that I received I found when preparing to brush my teeth. First, my toothpaste had been dipped in salt so I had to carefully remove every little particle so the mint-salt taste wouldn't make me completely gag. Then, when I had finally completed this difficult process I put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and turned on the water. The faucet, unfortunately for me, had been taped. This is a common trick in my household but I still fell for it. We put clear scotch tape on the faucet so when someone turns on the sink, the water goes straight at them. So then, soaking wet, I finally put the toothbrush in my mouth. It was covered in sunscreen which, I can tell you from personal experience, does NOT in any way taste okay.

And that was pretty much my April fools day! Don't worry; I'll get them all back next year.


  1. Sounds like there is never a dull moment around your house. Did you share this story with your students? I bet they loved it! I'm going to have to try the scotch tape trick on the faucet.

  2. Sounds like your home is a dangerous place on April 1. Revenge is oh so sweet, they have been warned. If I ever get to your corner of the world, I'll be sure it is not April 1. LOL!

  3. Oh my, this sounds perfect! I love that you all have actual pranks...I may have to steal a couple. As an only child, my mom started joking that she was pregnant every April Fool's day as I got older, thinking it would upset me. I wouldn't have minded anyhow, but I never fell for it after that first time. Still, she keeps trying! I got her this year by saying I just up and quit my job...and she believed me! Great story, thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are some pranks
    These pranks make me thankful I grew up without siblings. (Though if
    I had them I'd probably take things in stride like you did.)

    I loved the way you wrote this slice. My favorite line was "Then, as soon as I got home from school Cecily ran up to me at the door grinning like a madman and offered me a caramel apple." What a vivid image you created with your words.

  5. You are sure a good sport...but as you said....there is always next year. It is fun to read the time that was put into these pranks. You have a whole year to plan! Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/